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What You Should Be Using Lube - Pluse, Check Out Our New Product?
« on: September 05, 2019, 05:25:00 pm »
A lot of people feel that lube isnít for them for many of reasons. Some think they arenít ďoldĒ enough yet and others worry their partner will think they arenít attracted to them. However, the truth is, lube is a great choice for everyone! Hereís why:

It Minimizes the Risk of Condom Breakage

Numerous studies have found that using lube during sex reduces the chance of a condom breaking dramatically! Without lube, there is about a 20% chance of breakage. With lube, it drops to around 3%.

It Feels Good

Even if you donít struggle with dryness, adding extra moisture to your intimate areas will only enhance your sexual experience! The more moisture, the better!

It Can Help You in the Water

If you like to take your intimate encounters to the hot tub, pool, shower, or bath, a lube is definitely a must!

It Can Protect You

Friction in the **** can damage your cells, which can then lead to a higher risk of infection Ė especially HIV and STIs. By using lube, you decrease friction.

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