Author Topic: A few lines of fun writing to IT brothers during Covid  (Read 68 times)

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A few lines of fun writing to IT brothers during Covid
« on: February 23, 2023, 02:33:52 am »
A few lines of fun writing to IT brothers during Covid
For the past few weeks, I have been working from home, the work is still the same, only the one that saves travel time, has an extra 1-2 hours a day to read, play, and reflect on life.
Due to the epidemic, I also live slower, go out less,  cook by myself instead of eating at a restaurant. Thanks to living slowly, I have time to think about miscellaneous things, so now I write these lines to confide in IT brothers for fun.
A few words in the article are just personal thoughts, not advice. Just think of it as drinking Corona beer while listening to me gossip!
I feel lucky to be in the IT industry
For a few days, reading online, everywhere, businesses are closed, people lose their jobs or reduce revenue, especially in the tourism, catering, and advertising industries.
Fortunately, I have not been… unemployed. Looking back, our IT industry can still do remote work. Therefore, in the short term, our work has not been affected.
Still, economic stagnation is certain. We will also face difficulties indirectly: the company is not profitable, the salary is difficult to increase, and it may be reduced; other companies are afraid to recruit people, difficult to change jobs; Freelance projects are also less.
Not to mention, many startups will be heavily affected during this period (transportation, education, tourism, etc.). The salary of IT brothers is very high, so it is easy to become the object of a cut when companies have difficulties, or … bankruptcy.
Should save extra income
Therefore, I advise you to work hard to save and have extra income.
I'm sure my devs are pretty good at saving things. Our career does not need to dress much, does not need social investment. Therefore, if you are sure that any brother is single, unmarried, he will probably save quite a bit.
In addition, having outside income will also help you worry less. In addition to the main job in the company, I also have a number of side income sources such as:
Play GameFi for money (Fairycat .net, DeFi Kingdoms .com, Axie Infinity .com,..)
-Run grab
-Taking pictures of sexy cosplay posted patreon…
-Advertising money from blog/ youtube/ fanpage
This amount is not much compared to salary, but if unemployed, it is enough for three meals a day and coffee. Personally, I always save at least 3-6 months of living expenses, so that if I lose my job unexpectedly (the boss fires, the company goes bankrupt, I quit the job…) I can still take it easy.
There's no such thing as a...stable life
The dev works in a huge company with thousands of employees, a high-paying, stable job. Now due to the epidemic, the company is looking for ways to cut back, so every day ... live in fear
Thinking back, sometimes we are so used to everyday life: going to work, chatting with colleagues, receiving salary, ... so it feels normal and boring.
Until we can't leave the house, we feel how much fun it is to go to work! Until our company goes out of business, how precious every month's salary is! Only when we get fever, cough and suspected of being infected with Covid, we realize how valuable and fragile health is!
Well, if you lose your freedom and your job, you can slowly get them back, only losing your health is a bit difficult to get back. Remember to protect yourself, wash your hands a lot, work in moderation, and exercise regularly.
That's it, some of my gossip is over! What about you, has your life, your acquaintances changed because of COVID? Remember to share in the comments!

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