Author Topic: How To Descale A Keurig?  (Read 24 times)


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How To Descale A Keurig?
« on: March 27, 2019, 06:10:50 pm »
Descaling your Keurig does not score highly most people’s top ten ways they’d want to spend their day. The thing is, without proper maintenance. your beloved Keurig will simply limp on, spewing out half heated and slightly depressing results.

Empty the Keurig, then clear out a nearby sink to create plenty of room. Pour whatever water is left in the reservoir down the drain, and make sure there are no K-cups left inside the brewer. Find a large mug to use for draining, and make sure no one is going to need their coffee fix for the next couple of hours.

This is why you REALLY need to know how to descale a Keurig and all the best tips and hints to achieve this in a timely fashion.

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