Author Topic: How to Avoid Heat Stress During Cycling?  (Read 19 times)


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How to Avoid Heat Stress During Cycling?
« on: April 04, 2019, 01:42:11 am »
Cycling and racing are never easy in the summers. Whether you are cycling in a humid or a dry climate, your body temperature will always be above than average. You will work harder, cycle slower and sweat more in this hot weather.

Maintaining your core temperature within controls can be difficult when it is hot outside. You can follow these tips to stay cool in humid or hot weather and avert the chances of overheating while cycling:

1. Moisture-Wicking Clothes: Your body needs to sweat and allow it to evaporate to keep the body temperature at a regular level. The core body temperature tends to increase if you wear clothes made from less-breathable materials because they trap heat and sweat.

2. Stay Hydrated: Sweat rate tends to fluctuate from person to person; however, it is reasonable to burn-up 1-2 quarts of fluid through the sweating process for every cycling hour. If you fail to restore even this amount, dehydration might take place.

3. Avert Exhausting Activities in the Hottest Part of the Day: You can put yourself in misfortune by performing long rides and doing interval training when the temperature is at the highest. Try to keep yourself away from cycling between noon to 5 p.m.

4. Adapt to the Weather: Make sure to adopt the weather if you are thinking to participate in the race in humid and hot weather. At the time of training, you should try to figure out the intensity that your body can bear to complete the total distance.

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